Is it possible? The friendly giant named VOGLAR rides in the Elstertalbahn – the railway line from Gera to Cheb – often unrecognized. He can shrink to human size as long as he is on the train. He likes to merge with the passengers as if he is one of them. He really loves that. Perhaps VOGLAR is the biker on a mountain bike tour, the hiker lured into nature, the boy looking forward to swim, or the girl who wants to paddle on the water? Is it you? The Giant loves to be one of us and to be together – very colourful and diverse. He finds it great to hang out between people to follow their tracks, as they can do on his. Exactly: follow his tracks – that’ s possible now!

If the Giant leaves the Elstertalbahn at the stations or stops, he grows enormously. To not be discovered, he therefore quickly disappears into the woods of the Vogtland, jumps over meadows, bridges and castles. He has left behind a number of items and clues at selected stops. They tell us how large he could get. 

Hier spielt die Geschichte