Start into the world of VOGLAR, the Giant!

You don’t know him? That’ s all right, nobody has seen him before. But he has left traces everywhere. Follow now his path and his story through the land of the Elster Valley Railway.

App Download

If you want to experience what it’s like to be a giant for yourself – just download our app (german). Then you can enjoy three Augumented Reality locations (today) – with a valid EgroNet ticket!

AR Hotspots

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Follow the Riesen footprints!

The traces of VOGLAR are large footprints, hard to miss on the Vogtlandbahn trains and at stops along the route. It’s worth getting off there. Those who follow these stops are in the middle of his giant history. The footprints mark points of action (hotspots). All you need to go for a “Riesentour” is your smartphone or tablet as well as the right ticket.

The prints can be used with the help of a mobile phone APP and free WLAN in our trains. Just download the app and you can see what nobody else can see. Scan the footprints and follow the tales on the screen: The real Vogtland expands into virtual space.