Plauen: What do giants wear on their skin?

What do you say, lace shorts! They are simply the best! But how many times? And who can see someone else’s underwear? And that of a giant? Have a look around with your smartphone: A giant short with lace crochet is in sight now and floats towards you above the city view of Plauen. Directly above the churches and houses of the city centre, it has broken loose and is purring in the wind. VOGLAR has to live here somewhere, but at least change his clothes …

The brandnew station of Plauen is like a high stand with a great view. For giants it’s just a little “cat’s jump” from here into the city centre, and also for humans, it’s not a big way. Plauen is known worldwide for its lace. Why should a giant not also value it, starting with underwear? A giant perfect day for everyone and a breezy hint at the unique stitching location. Isn’t there also a pretty emblem of mummy or father & son on the giant underpants?

Make a perfect snapshot: If you click on the shorts now, you can even slip in or at least hold them in front of you to take a photo.