EU funding for the Elster valley railway line

The Vogtland Public Transport Association is one of eight European partners in the EU “Peripheral Access” programme. The programme promotes European territorial cooperation in the labour market, the environment and the transport sector under the official term “Interreg Project”. It is part of the structural and investment policy of the European Union.¬†

In the Vogtland region, the aim is to improve public transport in border regions and rural areas. Until May 2020, the Elster valley railway line with its 30 railway stations, which is attractive to tourists, will therefore be examined, analysed and a cross-border marketing campaign for the local transport system EgroNet will be developed together with decision-makers and partners. As a result, a modern trilingual guidance system with tourist travel information and offers will be installed. The association hopes to increase the number of travellers who can also be attracted as guests of the tourism region.

The railway line is a ” sleeping giant ” that needs to be awakened to unfold its potentials. The connection of the railway line with other forms of transportation as well as the providing of tourist and traffic information can help to discover and promote the “treasures” along the route and to connect people in the heart of Europe from Thuringia via Saxony to the Czech Republic. Above all, the route deserves to become better known on a transregional level. The Verkehrsverbund Vogtland wants to invite passengers to stay and to come back.