Wünschendorf: Bauhaus in the tree house

How and where does such a Giant live? In the fairytale forest of Wünschendorf there is a trace of it. On the one hand there are the water-powered fairy tale games. These are mini houses that take up fairy tales, and the giant VOGLAR is also a story like that. Although he is substantially larger, he still fits here quite well. When we humans roam through the fairytale forest, we can get an idea of the proportions, because the way we look at these little houses, giants look at us and our world. We all are so cute and small.

By the way, VOGLAR studied at the famous Bauhaus in Dessau. At the university he designed his house in 1930 in the famous Bau(m)hausstyle. In English Baum means Tree. Tree House, no, Bauhaus – oh dear, he has completely confused it. His study period therefore lasted only one year. A tree house in Bauhaus style? He had in mind an airy cube in the treetops. And where do wishes best come true? Sure, in Wünschendorf – that fits! This is where VOGLAR realized his dream house, directly in the fairytale forest on a pretty giant tree. Look for it, close your eyes, listen to the twinkling and enjoy the view through the trees. When a rope ladder is being lowered, you are in the right place, and the giant could even be at home in “Wolkenkuckucksheim”. 

If you’re unsuccessful here, you’ll still be taken on board at the Cronschwitz canoe barn. Discover nature with a rented canoe. Well, that’s a big deal! 

Tourist highlights:

Märchenwald Wünschendorf