Greiz: The Perla Pirouette

How old is a Giant like him? 100 human years is a „Giants” year. So VOGLAR is now at least 2000 human years old – or even older? In any case older than the oldest castle and the oldest castle in the Vogtland – from a human point of view. 

Also older than Perla, a mascot of the Vogtland. They are quite best friends – the giant and her. “Perla” shines and gleams when they meet. The most aristocratic of all the giant’s aristocratic friends resides in the noble town of Greiz. Both have the same hobby: ice skating in winter as in summer. This is not a fairytale, because everything is possible in the Vogtland. Winter sports are also available here in summer. Perla and VOGLAR are slipping from the upper to the lower castle and vice versa. This is exactly their thing. If you follow them, you can also enjoy the Perla pirouette, which only she can do. How brave, wild and wonderful she looks. She rotates in the pearl trail and turns very easily, so easily and lightly in dizzying heights up and back. Quite simple. Even VOGLAR is a bit too heavy and too big for things like that.