Barthmühle: Watch fly fishermen

The Elster valley bridge is one of the favourite places of VOGLAR and his magpie, in german Elster. There is the second largest stone bridge in the world – very impressive! VOGLARs Elster does its flying exercises right here, always between the arches. And the giant? He jumps over the bridge in one single jump – extremely effortless. Sometimes he crouches down to blow through the arches – then a fresh breeze blows across the river and attracts the fish. A great pleasure for the fly fishermen who are waiting in the water. They can catch the fish by flying and are probably called fly fishers … If you don’t believe it, ask them. There are always some of them in the river.

At the restored Barthmühle railway station you can rest after booking in advance, party and watch fly fishing, with your family, friends or colleagues.

The fish are jumping out of the Elster, through the arches of the bridge and are flying into the sky. Probably VOGLAR is blowing a mild breeze again.