Gera: Otto, Elis and me

Like all giants, the Giant VOGLAR is a very subtle character who is interested in the beautiful things in life. He loves not only nature, but also culture and people. His hobbies are painting and poetry. This makes Gera for him to one of the first addresses in Vogtland. So the gifted giant donated his first paintbrush to Otto Dix, an even more gifted painter who was born here.

VOGLAR even became his model until Otto moved to Dresden. Their friendship has not been properly lifted yet. Otto painted his “girlfriend Elis”, who perhaps was also VOGLAR’s girlfriend. Or is it VOGLAR himself who posed here? Who knows, this friendship is only really noticeable now and here in the brushstroke. It was a crazy time, VOGLAR also painted a picture of it, and if you want to see more, you should visit the collection of the Otto Dix-House and take a look at the real Elis there.

Tourist highlights:

Waldzoo Gera