Adorf: Mussel open, pearl inside

What shines and glitters so beautifully in the Vogtland? Whatever it is, it attracts the white magpie, the feathered companion of the giant. It is a raven bird, and therefore one of the most intelligent birds. It can (as humans can) recognize itself in the mirror – a strong skill for a non-mammal! Together with the flying carpet it was also a present his friend, the desert sheik. Let’s have a look, who flies better. The magpie is considered a lucky charm by Asians, and the sheikh wished his giant friend luck from the deepest bottom of his heart. VOGLAR’s white magpie is also reflected in the beautiful pearls of the river mussel, which could be found in the creeks of the Vogtland.

Adorf was a thriving center of the mother-of-pearl industry until the 1920s. The seashells were turned into jewellery and exquisite accessories. “The magpie is flying right on it, it’s already enough to go crazy with this feathered animal”, VOGLAR sometimes thinks, but he also wears a shiny shell in his ear.