Oelsnitz: Carpet flying easy made

Giants are adventure-loving individualists – the world is just as round for them as it is for us, but not half as big. It’s not very far to the Wild West, or to the Orient and Asia either. They have no problem with mobility. Anyone who travels so much sees a lot and can bring along amazing things from all over the world. VOGLAR is also curious and open minded for everything. His most beautiful souvenir is a flying carpet which a desert sheikh donated to him.

An ancient vehicle, but still up-to-date. Bright colors, streamlined and fast, what a high flyer this is. The carpet flies autonomously and emission-free. When VOGLAR hears how important the environment is to all of us, he smirks a thoughtful smile. Of course, because he has the solution at hand that others are still working on. He loves to roll out his carpet, swing into the air and whiz through the sky. The giants’ friends, who also including Moosmann during the Christmas season, also fly on it, around Oelsnitz. Here is the VOGLAR sports paradise, and carpet blowing is also part of it! The giant is good at that. One blow out and the carpet flies up to the castle. Here is the home of the carpet museum in Oelsnitz. VOGLAR has already blown some carpets there, which can be seen today. Also the most beautiful racing carpets are still here.