Eger (Cheb)

Cheb/Eger: Cake battle in confetti rain

While VOGLAR is still enjoying himself in Bad Elster or Franzensbad, his toes are already touching the town of Cheb/Eger in the Czech Republic. Above the town is Cheb Castle, an imperial palace. The mighty castle complex is a historical eye-catcher – small from giant view, but big for us humans. The old town is also attractive and invites you to linger and shop. At former times the giant experienced how “Walli” alias “Albrecht von Wallenstein” was visiting the town, was parking his soldiers and buying weapons.

That is already a while ago, also from a giants view. Walli was also a multi-talent – businessman, politician and military commander. The giant prefered to avoid this troublesome fellow, who was one of the most powerful and richest men in Bohemia. Today, Wallenstein’s traces and the imposing castle complex together with the old town are worth a visit. In summer, the Wallenstein Festival takes place here once a year with a huge spectacle: fairytale performances for children, historical fair, falconry demonstrations, contemporary music, dance, festival and fireworks. We let the party go – after that VOGLAR always has the sense.

Tourist highlights:

Eger Castle