Bad Elster

Bad Elster: Following the sea of lanterns

Giants travel a lot and want to let their souls drift and seeze the day. VOGLAR has discovered Bad Elster for this. There is already this watery pleasure (Bad = Bath) in the name. His white magpie also loves bathing fun. At the station building, her image stands out and shines. A twinkling eye-catcher, did you just discover? That’s a marker – click on it: The magpie already breaks away from the wall and flies up the forest path to the nearby resort. If you follow it by foot, you will see a sea of glowing lanterns.

To the left and right of the path you can pick them. Soon you have reached the level of the nature theatre. To be or not to be, that’s no question here: Many of the most beautiful events and concerts in the area take place here, a great „time-consuming“ experience. VOGLAR loves large and small theatres, great costumes, stage sets and lighting. Bad Elster has a whole lot to offer. His magpie flies into his thoughts and leaves one of her beautiful tail feathers. VOGLAR wets it with his mouth: “Tastes good!“ The feather automatically turns into pure gold. Oh, we haven’t told you that yet? A Giants spit is made of liquid gold that dries in the air. Wherever the giant has spat, you can still find a beach of gold today, but that’s another story.

Tourist highlights:

König Albert Theater