Franzensbad: Babbel the Blub Talent

Giants do not know city or country borders. This is also the case in the Vogtland, which stretches across Thuringia, Saxony, Bavaria and Bohemia, i.e. as far as the Czech Republic, and vice versa, viewed from the Czech Republic, as far as Germany. Giants understand all languages spoken in the world and beyond from the gut. This is called: They are great „Babbel the Blub“ talents.

Sometimes, however, a word shower alone is not enough to refresh yourself. Then VOGLAR enjoys the Blub without Babbel – the big splash in the Kurfürstliche Therme, the refreshing pleasure in the Aquaforum. Franzensbad is known for it. Bathing reminds him of his childhood 2000 years ago (you know, a giant year is 100 human years). At that time antique thermal baths were already very popular and foam parties were a huge pleasure. For the right mix, VOGLAR rotated with his index finger in the water so that it bubbled giantly. Speaking of water – what kind of guy are you? Headjumper or botty flop? If you can do the VOGLAR Water-Flop, you know how the very huge foam crowns are made.